Dear reader,
What fun it would be to welcome you during one of our weekly cheesemarkets this year.
After all it’s a wonderful show for young and old, that fascinating tradition, the colourful folklore.
The Hoorn cheesemarket is the oldest cheesemarket of the Netherlands, with a history every visitor to our beautiful city should taste. Literally and figuratively. Without a visit to our cheesemarket your visit to Hoorn is not complete.  It rarely happens that history is so close by.
Unfortunately also the Hoorn cheesemarket, with many hundreds of visitors every week, belongs to the events that are postponed, replaced or cancelled due to the corona virus. It’s such a pity for everyone who loves unique, traditional events.
When we will start again? That’s still unknown. If it won’t work this year, we’ll organise a cheesemarket beyond compare next year.
We’ll see you then, won’t we?